Little random observations from the land down under


Australia is the place where you can see nature and technology meets.

They live the simple yet most advanced kind of life; like you can enjoy your day off fishing, camping or just chilling in front of a lake in the forest, while waiting for your car -which you have bought online a couple of days ago- to arrive to you.

While I have a lot to say about my experience in living here for about 5 months now, I will choose to write about some little random observations which have caught my eyes since the first day I have arrived here.

  • Australia has a massive number of creeks. I won’t be surprised if I knew that every Australian has a creek named after him/her.
  • Also, you wouldn’t find dead cats on the sides of the highway roads (Talking about my beloved Jordan) but instead, you would find dead kangaroos.
  • The first thing you should know if you want to learn the Australian accent is to spell the letter “A” like the letter “I”. So if you want to say “Lane” it would almost be heard as “Line”. I was so confused at first but hey Aussies, now I know your secret.
  • It’s not called Fries, it’s called Chips. So the minute you order it as “Fries” you would expose yourself as non-Australian. And one more thing to add; Fries and Ketchup are not best friends in Aussie.
  • I’m pretty sure babies know how to surf in Australia.
  • Don’t freak out if you saw a boat has parked just next to you. boats are pretty famous down under.
  • and Finally, it’s the land of Tattoos and Flip Flops (Thongs). Tattoos and Flip Flops. Tattoos and Flip Flops.

Photos around Queensland- taken by me



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Life’s Little Pleasures is back to life :)

I can’t believe that the last time I wrote here was 3 years ago.

December, 30th 2012 was the last time I posted anything on this blog. Have I not thought about it in those 3 years? of course I did. Unfortunately, there has been nothing but failed attempts that never brought Life’s Little Pleasures back to life.

Have I lost the ability to formulate a sequence of beautifully written words or did I just lose the enjoyment of getting high on words?

Or maybe I have nothing more to write about?

I can’t really get away with this, it’s been 3 years and I can’t even find a decent reason for not writing.

So yeah I am guilty of leaving this humble little space for so long.

Enough of this self-blame and now let us talk about how I decided to return back here.

Whenever a year is about to end, we all start talking about what we are going to change about ourselves in order to start a brand new year. Many of us commit to the new resolutions only for the first 2 weeks and then we go back to our habits that have been with us for all of our lives.

One of the reasons that we don’t stick to our new year’s resolutions is that we expect to wake up on the first day of the new year and magically find a new person who would change our life in a way which we haven’t experienced before. and when that doesn’t happen we blame this new person for failing and we go back to our authentic self.

The next year we try to do the same thing, hoping this new person have learned his lesson and would not ruin it for us again.

Well, guess what? The person who wakes up that morning of the new year is the same one who went to sleep the night before. You won’t magically wake up with a new personality or way of thinking.

So one of the little secrets that I know and try to do every year is that if I wanted to succeed in implementing new years’ resolutions, is that I definitely have to start before January 1st. It’s safe to say 2 to 3 weeks prior to celebrating the new year would help me to formulate that habit when the time comes.

So here I am, back to writing on my blog 3 weeks before the big 2016 is here, and will continue that as part of my new year’s resolutions.

so I guess this is it, Life’s Little Pleasures is back to life 🙂

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2012, A year of..

And here we are again, saying goodbye to another year and anticipating the next one with a huge excitement that is mixed with some fear of the unknown.

I clearly remember the start of 2012, I welcomed the year knowing that it will be a hard one for me for a couple of personal reasons. Well, I wasn’t totally wrong, it was hard for me but only at the beginning, as I have put myself into this strange experience, what’s inspiring though, the one thing that I was afraid to do, made me go for all the challenges that I usually say no to. It was like a series of doors, but only the first one is locked. Once you open it, you don’t need more keys. All other doors are wide open waiting for you to discover what’s behind them.

I feel that I have matured in a strange way this year. Not that I was not mature, but this year brought me an inside maturity, I’m more mature about my choices, about what I like and I don’t like, it’s like I’ve been doing certain things since forever, but only this year, it was clear to me that I’m doing those certain things because this is me, this is how I think, and those are my choices, not just random chaotic childish actions.

In 2012 I learned the art of saying NO, I learned about the responsibilities that comes with saying yes, I learned how to talk more (yes, literally), and I learned how to take things easy and not to stress myself, because at the end, everything will have an end.

In 2012 I have learned that you need to be intelligent enough to speak people’s languages, each with his own.

In 2012 I fell down many times in front of people (with the shoes flying around and everything), I spilled coffee more than I drank and I have found a lot of hair in my food (sorry, but it’s the truth).

In 2012, I did a lot of mistakes, I had a lot of stupid (WHY GOD ME?) moments, but this time I was smart enough to know that once I put my head on my pillow, I need to throw away all the negative thoughts that haunt my sleep and all the unneeded self blame in order to close my eyes and sleep.

In 2012, I laughed a lot.

While we are given the chance to witness the change of the last two digits from 2012 to 2013, we should try to live it as well.

For 2013 I wish to give more, to love more, to accept and appreciate life’s little pleasures more. And finally, for 2013, I wish for less hair in my food, oh, well.


Update: Today is Jan 31st, and I have found hair in my food 2 times so far. just thought I would share this with you guys.


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Here comes the Pride

I have often faced situations at which I chose my pride to be the one in charge instead of my emotions.

It’s hard, it requires a lot of strength, but most of the time it is the right choice. When we choose our pride, we choose our personality, our independency, our thoughts, and our respect. And if something led us to that then it definitely needs our pride to act.

Here is the thing, your pride won’t appear unless it feels that there is a need to take care of the mess you’re in. it doesn’t just appear to make our life harder. It appears for a reason. And a very valid one.

It appears because it feels that you are not in the right state of mind (or heart) to take decisions.
It appears because it knows exactly how to respond when you’re out of words. It appears because when other’s people pride is in control, then your pride has to be in control as well.

Emotions don’t talk to pride. Only pride talks to pride.

Your pride is a logical and confident creature. It’s not stubborn, it’s determined. It’s not genius, it just knows how to act and when to act and when NOT to act.

Your pride won’t necessarily take you to wonderland. But it will definitely take you to the place that you should be at. And if that place is wonderland, then you’re one lucky “groom”.

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Are You Okay?

Life is beautiful, colored butterflies are all over the place, the sun shines and makes you shine with it as well. You’re feeling good, you had a good night sleep after a fun hangout with your friends. You drink your coffee, open the TV, you watch and you laugh your heart out.

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Take Me Back to School Days

Take me back to school days, where happiness meant getting a star sticker from your teacher, and sadness meant losing it before getting home and showing it to your parents.

Take me back to school days, where suspense meant waiting to get your exam paper, to see who got a full mark, you or your best friend.

Take me back to school days, where embarrassment meant having to always sit at the front because you are the shortest one in class.

Take me back to school days, where remorse meant having to carry the very thick science book in your bag to end up not using it at all in the science class.

Take me back to school days, where love meant a boy who keeps teasing you and pulling your hair and sometimes, only sometimes writing your name on his notebooks.

Take me back to school days, where we didn’t care about other people’s background except for their first name and sometimes that wasn’t even a necessity for communication.

Take me back to school days, where friendship meant laughing together during class and getting punished also together.

Take me back to school days, where you didn’t have to stand in front of the mirror for hours judging the way you look.

Take me back to school days where you used to sleep the moment you put your head on the pillow.

Take me back to school days, where people made sure to hide bad news from you because you are still so young for that.

Take me back to school days where life was perfect, where people didn’t die and get buried, but used to fly to the upper sky, to meet God and stay in his arms where it’s safe.

Take me back to school days, where the heaviest burden on your shoulders was your school bag.

Take me back to school days. Please take me there.

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I have always loved October, it’s my magical month, my flawless month, it’s my month.

Ignoring the fact that I was born in October, and that makes it by default my favorite month, I try to look at it from different angles; October is the month where the trees turn into magnificent shades of brown, crunchy golden leaves scatter on the sides of streets, the sun is here but it’s not hot, the wind is also here but it’s not cold, October comes and brings the best of Autumn in it, and since weather does affect my mood, October’s weather is perfection in itself.

Also putting that aside, I have noticed that many happy events in my life happened in October, whether it was a coincidence, or my positive energy attracted happy events, or whatever it is the reason, all of this just supported my love for October.

Last October, was one of the best Octobers for me, it was different, it was unique, it was filled with life, I had this clear mind that I haven’t enjoyed since forever.

I started to think about people around me, about my family, my friends, even about strangers, I started to give each one of them part of my day time, whether by thinking or by actually doing things to them.

I started to think about my work more, my house, my room, and my closet, also giving those things some of my time, taking care of them as they won’t take care of themselves on their own.

I started to smile whatever my mood was, I started to ask people if they needed my help, whether I was friends of them or not, I started to greet people and actually wait for their answer.

I started to eat healthy, to eat only when I’m hungry, not when I am stressed or mad. I started to do the things that I love, not the only the things that I have to do.

I stopped imagining harm when there is none, I stopped listening to my ego, I stopped over analyzing and over thinking  (well, not really stopped but minimized, we can’t totally stop it).

Yes, Last October was me living in Utopia, my own Utopia that I have created in my mind.

Only then, life started to give me back, it started to smile back at me, I swear to God, I did see it smile back to me, many critical decisions that I have been delaying suddenly seemed easy to me, things were clarified and I was able to take a decision and make a move, things were perfect at home, at work and on the personal level, it was just perfect, life was rewarding me in a way or another. Problems were magically solved and my life took the correct path that I was searching for during my whole life.

We are in March, and I’m telling you one thing, I’m lost again, chaos all around me and within me, many decisions are stuck in my head, my plans are delayed, things are scattered in my mind, here and there, leaving my life scattered as well. I started to have sleeping problems, waking up in the middle of the night, searching for answers in my head, or maybe searching for questions.I look back at October and remember how life was organized and perfect, I miss October.

However, there is this just this little thing about me; I’m a fighter, I wouldn’t want to wait for October to magically come and organize my life, I will make my own October, and I will make sure that my October lasts for the whole year. God be with me.

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