Are You Okay?

Life is beautiful, colored butterflies are all over the place, the sun shines and makes you shine with it as well. You’re feeling good, you had a good night sleep after a fun hangout with your friends. You drink your coffee, open the TV, you watch and you laugh your heart out.

You go out, the smell of Spring takes you to heaven, you walk down the street and everyone is smiling.

You check your bank account and you see that you have just got your pay check. You receive a nice text, it draws a smile on your face, you drive to see a friend, and your favorite songs are played on the radio one song after the other.

You’re at the traffic lights, a baby in the car besides you smiles at you, and you smile back, and he smiles even more.. Oh life is beautiful.

You meet your friend, and you talk about how peaceful life has been lately. An awkward silence fills the place, and then out of the blue your friend asks you: Are you okay?

All of a sudden, your smile fades, you look down, you see your reflection on the glass, And you don’t like what you see.. Your face expressions are the saddest you have ever seen.

You feel that this question brought back every single sad detail of your life, you feel like it’s happening all again, you feel like you’re worthless, you’re lost, and you would never be missed when you die.

You remember every failed exam you have ever took at school, you remember every heartache you have ever felt, you remember those loved ones who were full of life, and then taken away from life unexpectedly.

You remember your falls, your past failures and your tears, you remember the bitterness, the disappointments, and the long sleepless nights.

You have never imagined that a 3 word question will take you from heaven down to hell, just in a couple of seconds.

A tear falls on the table.

You raise your head up, you look at your friend and say, “God, spring allergy is not giving me a break, can I have a tissue please?”

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11 Responses to Are You Okay?

  1. George Akkawi says:

    My Goodness, that’s just wonderful .. I actually went up, and down while reading thru the words of this awesome piece of Art .. Thank you again for enriching my soul ..

  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Is this a trick question/post?! Is it ,, it is sa7! 🙂

    It`s past 11 now Manal, and not a good time 4 me to delve into answering! [maybe I`ll come back and give it a shot] – u made me think! Again,, it`s past 11 , sooooo 😛

    • Manal says:

      Lol, please don’t think about it too much.. And since it’s late and you’re sleepy i believe you should answer now, better than to be fully awake 🙂

  3. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    That was quick! Lol.

    I shall consult my inner “thingies” and answer n a more convenient time ;D

  4. riatarded says:

    I love this so freaking much! I am doing a similar one on my blog and I came here looking for an image :p

  5. Tamer Al-Assa'd says:

    Excellent piece Manal, I liked the lesson of the last sentence if I understood it right. It demonstrates the hope and the determination to continue. Personally, I take this way in my life, I keep a smile, I stay optimistic, satisfied but looking forward and ambitious to better. We always face many sad moments and we have the choice either to loss the hope and fall more or learn from it and be stronger. Either we miss the way or find the right way. Either life destroys us or we make life the joy. I try to talk the other way. When someone gets angry with me I could face it with more anger or take it easily and smile. I do not go with the first way and do not let others force me to the first way. I hope you are okay 🙂

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