Here comes the Pride

I have often faced situations at which I chose my pride to be the one in charge instead of my emotions.

It’s hard, it requires a lot of strength, but most of the time it is the right choice. When we choose our pride, we choose our personality, our independency, our thoughts, and our respect. And if something led us to that then it definitely needs our pride to act.

Here is the thing, your pride won’t appear unless it feels that there is a need to take care of the mess you’re in. it doesn’t just appear to make our life harder. It appears for a reason. And a very valid one.

It appears because it feels that you are not in the right state of mind (or heart) to take decisions.
It appears because it knows exactly how to respond when you’re out of words. It appears because when other’s people pride is in control, then your pride has to be in control as well.

Emotions don’t talk to pride. Only pride talks to pride.

Your pride is a logical and confident creature. It’s not stubborn, it’s determined. It’s not genius, it just knows how to act and when to act and when NOT to act.

Your pride won’t necessarily take you to wonderland. But it will definitely take you to the place that you should be at. And if that place is wonderland, then you’re one lucky “groom”.

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7 Responses to Here comes the Pride

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Definitely takes u there Manal? R u sure 😦
    معلش ، أنا متشائم جدًا هذا الصباح

    u should invest the 90 minutes of matches-watching (I invented the expression, yes :D) in rewriting this thread (for iur sake that is)

  2. George Akkawi says:

    Actually, it happens to me all the time, and I choose my pride over my emotions, it maybe almost always the right decision, but every time I choose pride over emotions I feel something dies inside ..

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