2012, A year of..

And here we are again, saying goodbye to another year and anticipating the next one with a huge excitement that is mixed with some fear of the unknown.

I clearly remember the start of 2012, I welcomed the year knowing that it will be a hard one for me for a couple of personal reasons. Well, I wasn’t totally wrong, it was hard for me but only at the beginning, as I have put myself into this strange experience, what’s inspiring though, the one thing that I was afraid to do, made me go for all the challenges that I usually say no to. It was like a series of doors, but only the first one is locked. Once you open it, you don’t need more keys. All other doors are wide open waiting for you to discover what’s behind them.

I feel that I have matured in a strange way this year. Not that I was not mature, but this year brought me an inside maturity, I’m more mature about my choices, about what I like and I don’t like, it’s like I’ve been doing certain things since forever, but only this year, it was clear to me that I’m doing those certain things because this is me, this is how I think, and those are my choices, not just random chaotic childish actions.

In 2012 I learned the art of saying NO, I learned about the responsibilities that comes with saying yes, I learned how to talk more (yes, literally), and I learned how to take things easy and not to stress myself, because at the end, everything will have an end.

In 2012 I have learned that you need to be intelligent enough to speak people’s languages, each with his own.

In 2012 I fell down many times in front of people (with the shoes flying around and everything), I spilled coffee more than I drank and I have found a lot of hair in my food (sorry, but it’s the truth).

In 2012, I did a lot of mistakes, I had a lot of stupid (WHY GOD ME?) moments, but this time I was smart enough to know that once I put my head on my pillow, I need to throw away all the negative thoughts that haunt my sleep and all the unneeded self blame in order to close my eyes and sleep.

In 2012, I laughed a lot.

While we are given the chance to witness the change of the last two digits from 2012 to 2013, we should try to live it as well.

For 2013 I wish to give more, to love more, to accept and appreciate life’s little pleasures more. And finally, for 2013, I wish for less hair in my food, oh, well.


Update: Today is Jan 31st, and I have found hair in my food 2 times so far. just thought I would share this with you guys.


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10 Responses to 2012, A year of..

  1. Roba Assi says:

    It’s good to know when to say no 🙂 I guess it all depends on the phase you’re in 🙂
    Happy New Year Manal 🙂

  2. AhmadSulieman says:

    Manal you must be one of my apprentice

  3. Maria says:

    you forget one thing Manal in 2012…..you manged to change the name of your blog…lol
    HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend 🙂
    p.s. add to your resolution in 2013 having that lunch with Maria 😉

    • Manal says:

      hehe, it’s better not to be added on the list Maria as my new year’s resolutions are never accomplished :p
      and yeah, I managed to changed the name 😀
      thank you Maria for your comments, my loyal reader 😀

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